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I have a question concerning Orchids: I wanted to find out how many and what kind of Orchids I have observed and posted at iNaturalist. To my surprise my observation of Rose Pogonia, which I saw today and posted today, didn’t show up in the quest.
Can somebody maybe explain why? Is Rose Pogonia not a “real” Orchid? Taxonomy shows it is an orchid
Thank you

What’s the URL of your search?

Here are my steps to find all my orchid observations:
I open “Your Observations” to see all my postings and click “Filters” where I enter “Orchid” in the field Description/Tags. Lots of my orchid observations are showing up, but not Rose Pogonia. And I have no idea if there are other orchid observations still hiding

Instead of that, try searching for Orchids (family Orchidaceae) in the species box left of the filters button. This will provide all observations of this taxonomic rank or lower within Orchidaceae.

I am not sure what exactly is being looked at when you type “orchid” in description/tags. One of your lady’s slipper observations doesn’t appear to have anything in those fields yet still shows up.


Perhaps the orchid button you clicked may have been a subfamily or genus. Rose Pogonia is certainly an orchid, are you sure you identified it as Rose Pogonia and not another similar common/scientific name?
Or if it is casual grade without a date it would not show up under the observations tab.
Otherwise it would show up under Orchids, if it doesn’t perhaps there is a glitch/error.

Thanks for that suggestion: I tried it and all my observations of “Pink Lady’s Slippers” and “Broad-leafed Helleborine” are showing up but none of the Rose Pogonia observations. However if I type Rose Pogonia all 5 observations of this orchid are showing up…really strange

Thanks for your reply.
no idea where the problem is, because if I enter in the search function Rose Pogonia 5 observations are showing up. The same result when I enter Rose Pogonia in the filter box

Location is obscured for Rose Pogonia?

No location is not obscured.
The strange thing is, I tried different locations in the search box like my province and Rose Pogonia is not showing up at all, however if I am using my county and I find my and all other Rose Pogonia observations in that area.
There is also a strange spellcheck: it corrects Pogonia to Polonia!

Hi @echocreek, see the example below for what I’m talking about. The “Description/Tags” filter will only search within the description and tag fields (and apparently another that I’m not aware of, maybe taxon names). If you are searching for species you should use the field that I’ve made a red box around. This will propagate the desired results properly, including all lower taxonomic ranks of what is queried.

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I did some testing and it appears when you search for “orchid” via the description/tags field, only the ones that have “orchid” as part of at least one of their common names listed on iNat show up. (It does not have to be the default name.) This applies to helleborine and pink lady’s slippers (and boy those ladyslipper “orchid” names are something else), but there is no common name including the term “orchid” for rose pogonia or the other orchids that don’t show up either in that search like lady’s tresses or coralroot.

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Thank you, it is working!


Yes that was my problem.
I now tried the suggestion from natemarchessault and that is working. I will now try different plant and animal families.

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