Organize observations by alternative categories in Seek

One of my favorite things about Seek is learning the taxonomic profile of a species. However, once I have gathered an observation, I can only find it by scrolling through a long list of other observations in that class. The lists load slowly and it’s hard to find anything. I would love to be able to organize the observations by genus, family, etc. both to be able to find things faster and also to see relationships between species.

Hi Jenny, I’ve approved your post, but I think you might want to look into using iNaturalist itself (app and website) if you’re hoping to add more structure to your observations. With iNaturalist, you can search for your observations by date, location, species, and many other filters. You can also use tags, observation fields, and projects to create different ways to categorize your observations. Seek is meant for more casual and ephemeral use.