People page intermittently warning imitator

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Platform (Android, iOS, Website): iOS website, from my iNat Home Screen.

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Step 1: Open Community > People

Step 2: Click a user photo

Step 3: Warning screen opens;
Click Back
Click a different user photo; out of 6 or 7 tries twice (on different photos) I got the above warning. The other times the expected profile opened.


I actually had this same error trying to find an observation from the photo on Google images. Also


Thanks, glad to know I’m not the only one. Noting that iNat.Portugal is, at least sometimes, briefly displayed behind some of my iNat homepage/dashboard pages; though I’ve done nothing i am aware of to tap into the Portugal site. .

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It’s fine for me, nothing like this appears.

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It did not happen to me again so far. Hoping that issue is gone.

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On the day you reported this all the links led to so I reopened this bug report: But I can’t replicate today.

The “Recently Active” thumbnails are going to for me now, but the leaderboards and other lists below go to the root www URL.