Page navigation isn't working in Identify

When using the Identify section of the website, clicking on the page numbers at the bottom of the screen to navigate through observations doesn’t seem to be working. When I click on either a page number or the “previous”/“next” button, it just returns me to the top of the page I was already browsing. I have to edit the page number in the URL to move to a different page.

Thought it might be a browser issue (I use Brave and had just updated to the most recent version), but I loaded the page in Safari and had the same problem. Anyone else experiencing this?


Same prob for me, Chrome on a PC


still an issue for me aswell, im also using chrome on pc, windows 10


also firefox (latest version) on a mac

“ReferenceError: updateSearchParams is not defined” from the console error


Yeah, the only way I’m getting to multiple pages is by going through all the observations and then hitting the “skip to next page” option on the pop-up

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Not working for me either, permanently stuck on page 1 no matter what I click

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same for me

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Also experiencing this issue. Replicated in Chrome, Chrome in incognito mode, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Windows 10.


Filed a bug report here:

I generally use the “View more unreviewed” button so probably wouldn’t have noticed this…thanks for the reports!


Manually add this in the URL, in the address bar:


Clicking “View More” after I’ve clicked review all for a page takes me up to the top of the page as normal, but doesn’t clear out the reviewed ones, so I’m effectively back at the start of the page I would have just cleared out. Checking my IDs, it was working fine for me 19 hours ago ( 1600 BST, 0800 California time).

Firefox, windows 10. Good luck.

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The same problem. I can not go to 2nd and other pages…

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same for me in Chrome Version 80.0.3987.163

Broken also in Safari 13.1. It looks like there are <a> elements without any href, but maybe something more complicated is going on.

Same issue with Safari

I have been having the same problem (using Chrome on PC). Manually adding “&page=x” to the URL does work for now though, as @jeanphilippeb has pointed out above.

I’m also having the same problem. Manually adding page numbers to the URL or hitting “skip to next page” work for me though.

It work with “?” not “&”

! but with country filtered it work only by “&”
/identify?place_id=8860 &page=2

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first parameters after the url are indicated by the ?, and then subsequent parameters are seperated by the &.

This should be working now, apologies for that bug.