Parsing Aon noctuiformis

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Step 1: Create an observation (image) with the filename “Aon noctuiformis_1234”.

Step 2: Upload the observation via drag-and-drop on the upload page:

Step 3: Uploader fails to parse “Aon noctuiformis” properly and defaults to “Erebidae” which is included as a keyword on the file.

Note: This is one of a very small handful of scientific names that the uploader consistently fails to parse properly. Files with the above naming convention are typically successfully parsed into a taxon ID for almost anything else. Can anyone suggest why this might be happening for this particular species?

Aon is too short.


Just FYI, I attempted a couple of work-arounds (with Aon noctuiformis) by adding a hyphen or alternatively an underscore inbetween the genus and species name in the filename but iNat still didn’t parse the taxon properly. Luckily there aren’t many 3-letter genus names to deal with!