Parsing species names to "Section"

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Step 1: Create files with the species name as part of filename such as “Pelochrista matutina_1234”

Step 2: Use uploader page to drag and drop files for uploading. Allow the uploader to parse the filename for the taxon, rather than using a dropdown menu.

Step 3: For species which are part of a “Section” of the same name, the uploader parses the filename and fills in “Section Pelochrista matutina” instead of the species name, and gives no indication before upload that it has made that switch.

With more and more “Section” groupings being created in the iNat taxonomy–which I think is a good thing overall–this glitch in the filename parsing is creating many incorrect placements and added after-the-upload work to correct taxon names to the species level.

Needed fix: Filename parsing should avoid “Section” level taxons unless it is explicit in the filename.


The same unexpected and undesirable uploader behavior seems to be happening with filenames being parsed to “Complex Yyyyyy Zzzzzz” when only a genus-species combination is in the filename. Here’s an example where I didn’t catch the “Complex” substitution before upload:

Yet another example, this time with a “Section” of the genus Ethmia:
With the addition of a great many Sections and Complexes to the iNat taxonomy, this has become a major annoyance at upload.