PC crashes when when selecting location: pictures uploaded deleted from my files

I have an old pc (Dell) 64 bits and I, m using fireFox. I can deal with my old fashion system crashing once in a while (it happens with maps sometimes…) but the weird and worrying thing for me is that the files (Jpeg) I’ve uploaded (see: [https://inaturalist.org/observations/upload] page) but not saved or submitted then where deleted from my personal files (in my computer). Now, thoses pictures are lost.
I don,t know if you can do anything thing about this bug (I don,t mind the pictures that much but the idea that INat can access and deleat files from my computer bothers me)
This bug occured only once ( but I’ve join the community yesterday), Thank you!

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Regarding your entire system crashing, I suspect that is well outside of our control and due to other stability issues with your machine. The website Uploader is admittedly not great with memory usage, so if you’re extremely memory constrained and you add a ton of photos, that might cause problems if whatever OS you’re using isn’t particularly good at isolating the memory impacts of particular operations. Aside from that, I’d investigate the rest of your system and make sure things are looking healthy (adequate memory, decent free space on your hard disk, free of malware, etc).

Regarding missing files, we cannot delete or modify files on your hard drive from the website. If that were possible it would be a massive security vulnerability in your browser, so I can just about 100% guarantee that Firefox does not allow us or any developer to touch files on your computer. Websites can store new files on your computer (e.g. all the data you see when you view a website), they can read files from your computer if you explicitly upload them, but they can’t modify or delete existing files.