Photos are not visible

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Step 1: I upload observations with photos in the field

Step 2: i want to take a look at these observations and pictures on the website oder in the app

Step 3: My pictures are not visible. This happened in two consecutive sessions, yesterday and today. The pictures of all my older observations are notvisible anymore, too. Do I have to make a change in the settings somewhere? Can other people view my pictures?

Looking forward for your help.

For some reason iNat is ‘too busy’ today.
I got a ‘come back later’ warning a couple of hours ago.

Your pictures are there … but … loading … very slowly.

That looks like the amazonaws issue which was discussed in a different thread: some photos are hosted on the Amazon cloud, and there were some hickups delivering them in Europe. Also I experience slowly loading images from amazonaws currently (located in Germany).

For some additional context, loading photos on the website from you web browser is a result of a direct connection between your web browser and Amazon Web Services (AWS), and iNaturalist does not have any impact on that connection. We could obviously choose to use different a different provider or different services. But given that we are using AWS, loading photos is a direct connection between a user’s web browser and AWS and does not involve iNaturalist servers. In this case, it seems like AWS, or your Internet service provider, or somewhere in between, is having issues preventing the images from display, or causing them to display slowly.

Incidentally, the issues earlier today where for a couple minutes users may have seen messages related to the site being overloaded, were related to connection issues between iNaturalist servers an AWS during photo uploads. So I suspect there could be additional issues as AWS today related to both problems. Hopefully that gets cleared up and images load again soon.


I am having a different issue with amazonaws today: I am getting an error message as follows:

The effect is that my institution is blocking amazonaws content and images are not displayed. This has never happened before. I have been on iNaturalist for several years. I hope this problem can be sorted out because I sometimes use iNaturalist at work as a biologist. I am based in Edmonton, Canada.

Update: the problem persists today. I am getting the same error message when I access iNat at work. Interestingly, images load without a problem when I am at home. It looks like our IT admin is blocking the content automatically because of the (perceived or real?) security vulnerability. Can the SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP be fixed? Thanks!

Pretty sure that there’s nothing iNat can do about this - you’d need to take it up with your work ITS. You could also use a VPN at work if needed.


Today, things are back to normal. The internet is a strange place… :upside_down_face:


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