Pitcairn Reed Warbler suggested by app for White-throated Sparrow

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Step 1: Upload a picture of a white-throated sparrow through the iNaturalist website; the app always suggests Pitcairn Reed Warbler. This is done before there is a location listed.

This is not so much a bug as an unintended side effect of changes recently made by the site to try and classify photos based on information in the file name.

I’m guessing your photo has the word ‘sparrow’ in it. Unfortunately ‘sparrow’ is entered as a common name for the Pitcairn Reed Warbler (while incorrect from a taxonomic perspective, it is what it is known as there), so it reads that and adds that as the ID.

Removing that name would fix this one specific instance but as noted it is in legitimate and common use.

Adding a pic of a WTSP with nothing in the name generates a correct recommendation, showing the issue is in the attempt to read the file name details.

Just a note that the computer vision does not take location into effect, either for this renaming or just doing an ID, so the fact it happens before you add a location is expected behaviour, you would get the same response were you to add the location first or your picture was geotagged.