Place checklists and comprehensive checklist conflicts

I was looking at the maps of some dragonfly species that I have observed recently in my home county, and I noticed that many of them had not updated to show a green color for the county after I had submitted the first observation for the county recently and it reached research grade. The county had not updated to yellow either to show that the species was on the checklist.

When I went to the checklist for my county to see if I could figure out why. I did not the species on the list so I tried to add it manually and then refresh the species to update it I was not allowed to add the species die to there being a comprehensive checklist for odonata for my county.

The comprehensive checklist is far from comprehensive and was sourced from odonatacentral all the way back in 2012 and has not been updated since. I can’t see any way to change or edit the odonata checklist from 2012.

Is there something I am missing or is there no way for odonata species to be added to the county checklist when there is a comprehensive list for a taxon?


We follow the World Odonata Checklist, but I’m not sure about its updates or applicability to checklists. @jimjohnson might be able to help.

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Here are two other people that ran into the same issue, but neither topic was solved. This is not something specific to odonata necessarily.

This is the message I am getting.

Checklists are all kinds of buggy, and I have had no luck getting any info on how to work around the issues. Lately a bunch of species that used to be in the checklist for my area (and are very common species here) have just disappeared off it for no apparent reason.

There’s also several species on the “comprehensive” checklist that have never been recorded in the area, and are not listed in the source the checklist claims to use. I’ve tried flagging some of the erroneous checklists with corrections, but have never gotten any responses. It’s extremely frustrating.


Many ongoing problems

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