How to edit Comprehensive Lists


I am trying to create a species list for plants in a canyon in Marin County, CA based on a species list curated by knowledgeable botanists. There is a species I would like to add based on this list, but I am not able to add it because the species is not found in the “Caprifoliaceae of Marin County, CA, US” list which is labeled as comprehensive. The species (Dipsacus sativus) is recorded on my species list, and has been observed multiple times on iNaturalist within the county.

Is there any way to either add the species to the comprehensive list, or to add the species to the local list I am creating and override the requirement that it be found on the comprehensive list? Any advice or insight would be much appreciated!

It looks like the checklist there is based on this source, so maybe contacting whoever manages that site would be beneficial.

However, you’ll notice that, that checklist is very non-comprehensive as it is missing several other species as well, as you can see here.

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