"Citrus × latifolia" instead of butterfly

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Firefox 44

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I tried to add a first id to an observation. I think it’s some kind of Limenitidinae butterfly. I type that partially, and select an item from the list. Suddenly, “Citrus x latifolia” shows up in the id field. I tried to reproduce the bug, but failed.
Observation: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/54731696 (shows the corrected id)

But there’s another observation of a butterfly (different family) with that plant id:
Since the plant is so obviously not a lemon plant, I guess the same glitch happened here, too.
I do not know the system used in this case.

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It’s not a bug per say, it is a feature that adds ID’s based on the contents including the name of the file automatically. I’m guessing your photo had the string lime in it?

There is a broader thread which the @moderators can move this to and has more details.

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This is the thread about auto-IDs from filenames: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/add-observation-automatically-tagged-my-observations-with-incorrect-names-based-on-photo-filenames/8203

But I guess I’m not sure that’s what’s going on here.

If you typed “lime”, you would have gotten this:

Is it possible you selected Citrus × latifolia from this list by accident? I find sometimes if you select really quickly, you can get ahead of the name lookup and end up on the wrong taxon.


It sounds like this came from an errant accidental selection, since if you start typing “Limenitidinae” you get to “Lime” first. If you can reproduce it consistently in the future, please follow up.

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Whoops, jinx @jwidness! Should have refreshed the post first.

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And found another (recent) observation with that bug:

And another butterfly, but without “lime”:
“Paris Peacock Swallowtail”
“Genus Paris”