Please add to INat: FREE TO USE list with all 19386 official Dutch species names

Dear INaturalist,

On GBIF there is a free to use (!!) dataset with all the official Dutch names of all species occuring in the Netherlands: Dutch Species Register Dataset (in the .zip-file there is a list with ‘Vernacular_Names.csv’ which contains the Dutch names).

Can this list please be added to INaturalist? Because a lot of Dutch names are missing at the moment.

After removing the synonyms, 19386 (!!) accepted Dutch names are in the list.

You can find the cleaned list (=species without Dutch names removed & not accepted synonym Dutch names removed) here: Dutch Species Names GBIF.csv.

Subspecies are coded ’ Abax carinatus porcatus ’ in this cleaned .csv-file. If you need a file where they are coded ’ Abax carinatus ssp. porcatus’, then please let me know!

It would be really really great if these Dutch names could be added to INaturalist. It will certainly make INaturalist more popular in the Dutch speaking countries.

Thanks for all the help.


The Dutch Species Register provides a current and comprehensive overview of Dutch biodiversity. It is based on numerous published papers, reports, books and checklists provided by experts, covering all aspects of the Dutch flora and fauna. The Dutch Species Register combines this information into an authoritative and frequently updated national checklist.

you can download and use this checklist for any project in need of a (complete or partial) list of species occurring in The Netherlands. While not explicitly required by the license, we do appreciate seeing nice examples of how the checklist is used. You are welcome to contact us via e-mail*”


Welcome to the forum @streepvaren!

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Which year ? Publisced in 2020 ?
But the list itself is from 2017?
I prefer the same names as used in which is more modern

Creuwels J, Pieterse S (2020). Checklist Dutch Species Register - Nederlands Soortenregister. Naturalis Biodiversity Center. Checklist dataset accessed via on 2020-06-03.

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@kueda Should be able to help

De Nederlandse namenlijst van alle in het Nederland voorkomende meercellige soorten (i.e. het Nederlands Soortenregister) is open beschikbaar via o.a. onze API en via GBIF: *

Die dataset op GBIF loopt echter al even achter (wordt niet real-time ververst).

Bij deze mail voeg ik een recente export (zojuist gemaakt) van alle taxa uit (rang regio t/m ondersoort) en de Nederlandse namen (kolom F). Ik hoop dat jullie daar iets aan hebben. Mochten er vragen over zijn, horen we dat graag.

Wij werken samen met en leveren hen ook af en toe exports van de namen (vaak van specifieke deelgroepen zoals insecten, op hun verzoek). De lijsten van en Soortenregister lopen niet 1-op-1 synchroon denk ik (dat zou idealiter wel het geval moeten zijn, maar dat terzijde).

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Ik herhaal dat je die GBIF lijst dus niet moet gebruiken, die loopt achter

Die dataset op GBIF loopt echter al even achter (wordt niet real-time ververst).

The Dutch names of are, for plants at least, well maintained. I am responable for the scientific names and Dutch names.there. I think they are free to use, because downloadble.

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Dutch names in observado were mass imported to iNat in August 2018.

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The complete list was delivered but only the birds (after the plants the most important group on iNaturalist) was imported. Adding common names in a batch seems to be a problem since 2017 (South Africa,, remarks, remarks and other resources).

  1. Dutch birdnames are imported
    Dutch birdnames worldwide are imported from
    original source:

  2. Dutch Bryoptera are imported
    and Bryoptera are imported from Verspreidingsatlas, cause these lists do not contain synoniems.
    The topic related to this import is hidden and contains the template ‘‘Templates for bulk imports to iNaturalist.xlsx’’: It is a pity cause it contained a template for import.

  3. Other Dutch common names
    The Charofytes I did manually and butterflies, dragonflies, herps, amifbians are also complete. The other groups are probably incomplete.

  4. Vascual plants
    and I am waiting for a fix to create a list of all dutch vascular plants without a Dutch name, what I miss the most…


This name list is indeed better & more up-to-date / complete. Do you know how to add the missing Dutch names to INaturalist?

Thanks for your Help.



I do not know. It can be done manually but sometimes batches are executed. I advise you to start with rating the apps for Android and iPhone with five stars.
And boutela should have a template ‘‘Templates for bulk imports to iNaturalist.xlsx’’ for it.
As told before it is in this hidden thread.
@bouteloua do you have link to ‘‘Templates for bulk imports to iNaturalist.xlsx’’?

The template looks like this:

-If the taxon already has a common name in this lexon the row is skipped.
-If the scientfic name does not match a taxon in iNaturalist the row is skipped.

I found a tutorial ‘‘how-to-add-a-common-name-to-a-taxon’’

There was a discussion about an import utility but I cannot find the template, it is not mentioned in this thread:

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No, sorry

The required format and order is:
Scientific Name, Lexicon 1, Common Name

So for example
Calidris melanotos, Danish, Stribet ryle


Thanks! Probably it was Carrie who created this Excelsheet, not Bouteloua…

@streepvaren If you want to import common names the format must be equal to the second tab, ‘‘Common names’’

Unfortunately the document you sent us uses semicolons and not commas, and we need a true comma separated CSV document. Can you please send us a properly formatted CSV?

Found the original template:

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Hallo AHospers,

Waar kan ik de recente export uit vinden die u zojuist maakte? Ik zou hem graag invoeren in de template die ik een paar forumposts verder kreeg.

Bedankt alvast.


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Ik a heb twee emails…eentje uit Belgie en eentje uit Leiden. Moet daar verder nog naar gekekn worden ? Ze zitten in mijn email box

Processed some Dutch names for European Orthoptera

What i do not understand that yesterday about 10 species could not be found ‘’ Myrmecophilus myrmecophilus’’’ could not be found anywhere and today they can be added in one mouse click… :thinking: :crazy_face:


[quote author= link=topic=53659.msg2373457#msg2373457 date=1581262310]

[quote author= link=topic=53659.msg2372620#msg2372620 date=1580721409]

Blijkbaar is GBIF ook een bron, die evt. al verouderd is?

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@streepvaren Perhaps move this to the Feature Requests category?

Feature Requests are asking for a change in how iNat itself works, not about a particular use of its existing functionality, which is what I think this request is.

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