Possible bug: sound cloud sound file gets overwritten because one of same name overwrites it making old sound observation have wrong sound

I can’t say for sure this is a bug, but exploring my large volume of sound observations made me suspicious. I think the possibility is best left to the developer to check.

I record a sound with “AudioCopy” on my iphone. I upload my sound to SoundCloud. I then create a sound observation and then attach the sound to it. The sound file has the name “Sunday 8:10AM.” Later I clean out my sounds from my “AudioCopy” app. Then sometime later I happen to also record at the exact same date and time and upload to SoundCloud, the file appears like it could have the same name “Sunday 8:10AM.” Would this overwrite the old sound or otherwise confuse things and thereby perhaps cause the old observation to now point to the wrong sound file? This would be such a terrible bug that I think it would be worth the developer checking this possibility. Thanks!

Is this something that has happened, or a hypothetical? Can you please provide URLs if you’re referring to a real observation? If hypothetical - then no, file names don’t matter and don’t have to be unique.

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This is hypothetical. Thanks for looking into this!