Problem Using Site

I have been uploading observations since July 17 but nothing is getting ID’ed. I think I have entered all the correct information. This has only been happening since the site maintenance on July 18-observations entered before that were ID’ed by community members. Has something changed since site maintenance and I am missing an entry somewhere.

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It looks like your records are getting recorded somehow with no location information. This means they don’t get put into the needs ID pool.

Your first 3 records that got identified had locations mapped. Did you change anything in terms of how you are recording them to not get them mapped ?

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Thanks for your reply. I am entering the same way as before with location information so am not sure why it is not be recorded. I will try a another today(July24) and see what happens.

What might be happening is that you are typing in a location name in the box hightlighted in yellow (in your case Nanaimo, BC is what you are entering), but if your photos do not have co-ordinates embedded into them, to do a search, you need to enter it into the box at the top I have circled in red. Then zoom in and and if needed click exactly on the map where it was.


Thanks for your help. I have just been entering the latitude and longitude directly and that seems to be working.