Problems with the reviewed function on the identify page

I am not sure if this is a user error or a bug but here is goes.
When I click on an observation as reviewed, I noticed that the number of observations I have reviewed goes up by 1(ie from 289 to 290) like it is supposed to. If I agree with the same observation, my number reviewed goes back down by one (ie 290 to 289). It is more of a curiosity than anything. Is there something that I am doing to “unreview” an observation when I agree with the stated organism that I just reviewed?
A second related observation. I started experimenting, and also found that if I agree with the observation before I review it, it does not increase the number reviewed, even if I check the reviewed box.
Just curious if this is a bug, or if there is some obvious solution that I am blind to. Thanks in advance for your help.

I don’t see the number go down, but it doesn’t change for me. Are you using the pop-up, or are you agreeing from the grid view?

It is on the “identify” page. The page has a grid of observations with the option to review and/or agree on each observation box.

Sharing a screenshot or two would make communicating about this easier. Here is the number I am talking about:

Do you ever use the pop-up feature in Identify?

Yes. That is the number I am referring to as well. If I have reviewed an observation, then later agree with the same observation, the observations reviewed number will go up by 1 when I review it, and back down by one when I agree with the observation.

I tried to show a before and after screen save but a message came up saying that new users can only post one image per post. Sorry.

In fact after I click agree on an observation, clicking the review box on the same observation no longer has any impact on the number of observations reviewed .
If I haven’t clicked the agree button, I can review or unreview the observation as many times as I want and the observations reviewed number will go up each time I click on the review button and down each time I click on it again.
I hope that wasn’t too confusing.

And yes, I like the pop up feature. It isn’t as feature rich as the Home Page and the Explore page, but it is still nice to have access to.

Thanks for trying to figure it out. It really isn’t impacting the quality of my experience on, so it doesn’t really need to be resolved on my behalf. I was hoping there was a simple answer, I am guessing that may not be the case.

This is just a guess, but when you agree with an ID it might be applying a toggle on the reviewed flag, rather than just straight setting it as reviewed.

Agreeing with an ID automatically marks the observation as reviewed, although I see it doesn’t always affect the number we’ve been discussing.

I agree this isn’t a big issue (I never look at that number, really) but I can make an issue for our developers.

Thanks for trying to help me out.
Final response,
When I agree with the ID, it never affects the number of observations reviewed. And, it makes it so toggling the review button will not affect the number either.

Time to move on to more important issues. Thanks for your time.

Thanks for the thought.
I agree there must be a toggle. It does seem counter intuitive that if I choose to agree with an observation, it cannot count toward my number reviewed total.

I think the number does not increase when you “Agree” with the observation because that observation is no longer in the “Needs ID” pool. If you review without agreeing, the observation will remain in the Needs ID pool.

Before clicking anything:

After agreeing with the first observation via the thumbnail:

Notice that the number of observations reviewed stays the same, but the total observations that need ID in this filtered search has decreased from 7 to 6.

If I show all the observations that need ID, including those that I have reviewed without IDing, you’ll see all 6 of the remaining observations and the one I agreed with has disappeared, because it is now Research Grade:

Those 3 of the 6 being reviewed accurately reflect the statistics in the upper right corner.

If you change the filter to include Research Grade observations, then Agree with an observation, you’ll see that the statistic in the upper right will increase:

Before agreeing:

After agreeing: