Project Contributions Not Showing - User restriction not shown on project filters



I was added to a collection project for the area surrounding my house, I am on the roster and have taken pictures that are in the bounds of the collection. It seems that everything is correct, and that my photos are in the project, but none of them are showing up in the project’s page? I even went so far as to leave and rejoin, but that didn’t make my pics show up, so I deleted my account, remade, rejoined the project, and reloaded the pics; the pics still aren’t showing.

Step 1: Join Flora and Fauna of the South Belt

Step 2: Take a picture of the area in bounds

Step 3: Upload it (the project tab already has that specific project darkened and selected, I think meaning that it’s been manually added into the collection)

Step 4: Look at the project page, and see that none of my photos are there, even though the site says they are.

It appears that the project manager is only allowing observations by the following people to appear in the project:

Have you tried reaching out to the project manager? Whether this is a bug or intentionally limiting to this list of people, I’m not sure. These people should be displayed on the “About” page, but it doesn’t. I was only able to see it by checking the json ( or when trying to join the project.


The issue is that the project creator has chosen both the Users requirement and the Project Members Only requirement, which is a bit counterintuitive. The system has to choose in this case, and it chooses the Users list. They need to either keep manually adding users and un-check the Project Members Only requirement, or delete the user list and keep Project Members Only checked.

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