Project help please

I have set up a project for my garden

Question 1. Why 70 species in the left column, but only 57 for me? I am the only one who may add obs. The obs are all mine. ??

Question 2. The link for UNsuitable obs gives me a long list. Why or how are they UNsuitable?? What have I set wrong?
PS the UNsuitable are all from 2019

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The 70 is leaf taxa, i.e., taxa coarser than species are being counted as species themselves if no descendent species have been observed by you

The 57 is species only


Main page shows leaf taxa, users’ page shows only species.
Not sure, but those unfit ones have bigger radius, maybe changing it will make them fit the place?


That worked - thank you. Maybe it was before I learned to make a pinned place for my suburb.

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Forum will only let me chose One of the Above as a Solution. But you have both answered my question - thanks.

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