Project icon not shown in the observation page

I am sorry to come back again to this project but I think that there are still some issues.

Observations of introduced species (it is a project devoted to alien species) are automatically added to the project but the project icon is not shown
Some examples:

It would be important the the icon would be shown because it is a main tool to make users be aware that a certain species is introduced in that area.


Hi blue_celery, i can’t remember if you were told this earlier, but the icon for a Collection project only appears in observations belonging to members of that Project. All you can do is comment or mesaage the observer, make them aware of the project and invite them to join. It is frustrating when you want to, in my case make locals aware of other observations in a Reserve close to their home, that may inspire them to make more observations and maybe get involved in restoration or at least conservation, but I understand it is a conscious decision by iNat to avoid people having unwanted information thrust at them every time they make an observation.

Many thanks for the explanation. I was unaware of this feature.