Project map not sticky

My own default on iNat is satellite view. I want to see the Sahara, the rain forests, the green rind along the Mediterranean and way down South where I live.

Every time I open this project, it defaults back to a map view of the whole world. No, thank you. I toggle to satellite view, and zoom in to Africa. But it doesn’t stay like that if I refresh. Or if I go to another tab and come back within the same logged in session.


Seems to hold the satellite view. Is it a project setting?
But also does not hold the zoomed in to Africa instead of the unhelpful whole world default.

If zoomed in to Africa with satellite view could be either a personal setting?
Or at at least hold where I put it, until I tell it to change?


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For me this was the greatest and best improvement on iNat since I landed here. Requested (not by me) on 14 June, activated on 28 June! Way back in 2019.

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