Default map/satellite view in personal preferences

The default map view is pretty useless in Africa, and I have to change every map to satellite view. This only sticks on the map tab of the Explore page, and if one has chosen the satellite view on a traditional project. Everywhere else the map defaults to map view even on a page refresh.

Here is an example of what I see when I’m trying to find a point on map view:

and on satellite view:

Please may we have an option under our profile settings to have default satellite view on all maps on the site.

Interestingly, satellite view loads faster than map view, which is another plus for this option on slow, rural bandwidth.

+1 vote for my own feature request (I have run out of votes).


I’m all out of votes, but I’ll second this. I think you get an automatic vote if it’s your suggestion!
I’d also like the map to always be zoomed to show just the obs. Often I find I’m getting the whole world view and have to scroll right in to the obs that are often all in a small corner of Southern Africa.


Me three.
I always use satellite view. My camera doesn’t have GPS so I need to find That Place on the hiking trail.

And have to zoom from the world to Cape Town. For. Every. Observation.


When you create a feature request, you also have to vote for it. Note that you can remove votes from other requests to free them up.

As for the request itself, I’ll see if this is something we can do.

Here’s a workflow for geotagging your photos from the field: I find it much easier than manually adding locations to observations.

Also, note that you can “pin” locations in the web uploader:


Thanks, Tony!

As a side note: if I have put the wrong locality on a bunch of photos (which is usually a result of the pinned locations search bouncing around (which is another thing I need to write a post about)), and want to batch edit them to the correct spot, my pinned locations are not available in the Batch Edit function, so I have to go searching on the map again and find the spot and rename it properly because the goog names are random and vague.

I am with the 50% on your poll who add location manually. We hike somewhere different each week, and I try to mark each plant I photograph ‘where I saw it’ for which satellite view helps.

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