Thoughts on *not* making the taxon page map type sticky?

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This is a great new feature. I click that “satellite” view button way less these days. :) The one exception is on taxon pages, where having a cleaner geopolitical overview is almost always more helpful to me than satellite view. Thoughts?

I think the taxon page map type choice should:

  • Default to “Map” view (rather than “Satellite”/sticky choice)
  • Default to my sticky choice
  • Something else, I commented below

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I almost think it could be sticky for each place there is a map, but that would be maybe a little overkill. Sticky globally is definitely an improvement on how it was though!

I voted ‘something else’:I think ideally the taxon map should work independently of the user’s current global choice, but should stay sticky with the user’s last choice for the taxon map type.

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