Project Observation page doesn't show all observations in Grid view

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UX bugs are definitely a thing, and need not mean that something has failed to pass unit testing. If something works significantly differently than a reasonable user would expect, to the detriment of their work, it can absolutely be logged as a bug — which, notably, the OP did not do without checking first. I think they did everything right here in the first place, actually — gave plenty of detail, a concrete example, and a statement of expected behavior, and altered the question slightly in response to the new information that there is already a less-obvious route to the requested information. As much as I like user education, all this talk about proper bug reporting seems like a bit of overkill in this instance.

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yeah sorry… “the vast majority of users” got my hackles up… but I stand by my assertion that not everything needs to be reduced to a single click… having to click twice is NOT a bug!

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It’s not about “multiple clicks”. That sort of intentional misdirection and over-simplification is one of the things that gets my hackles up.

It’s that it doesn’t do what it says it does. “View All” is not view all, it’s actually “view a small faction of the most recent observations”.

It literally DOES NOT DO WHAT IT SAYS IT DOES. That’s the issue. It may not be a software bug, but it’s certainly a conceptual bug.

If it says, “View All” than it should show all. It’s a simple as that. If it’s not going to “View All” then the button should be changed to “View Most Recent” or something similar.

The easiest and most logical solution would be for the “View All” link to simply go to the same page as the “search” button does. That way it’s actually letting the user “View All”, like the button says, and it’s not leading to an endless scroll. The most recent observations are still the first ones people see and it’s an easy matter to look further or for something more specific.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

But that is not one of the three pages you linked to at the start of this. When did you change what page you were talking about?

ok, here it is specifically stated that it was intended behaviour. It is behaving exactly as intended, so it is not a bug, period.

I’ve just gone back through this entire topic and you have not once said there is a problem with the page you just gave that “View All” jpg link of. I agree that THAT page has a questionable button out at the right that should not say “View All”. If anything it should say “View More” or just “Observations”, as it effectively has the same functionality as clicking the Observations Tab.

Maybe you can point out to the people that you are showing this site to, that the button that says “Identify” will take them to a page where they can identify older observations?

Sorry, but I’m just a little annoyed by the fact that it’s taken 27 posts for you to finally get around to showing what page you actually have a problem with…

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You appear to be the only person who had difficulty understanding the issue. The page I showed a clip of has a button that says “view all” when you click that it takes you to the page you put up a clip of, and what this discussion has been all about, a page that very clearly does not “view all”.

Most users won’t know to then click on “search” to see all the observations, as “search” generally means that you’re looking for something specific, not everything.

This was clear enough that another of the iNat staff made that a feature request.

I understand the argument you’re making about summary vs search, but I completely and utterly disagree with it, especially as the first page of the search result is the summary of the most recent observations.

The approach taken has added unnecessary complexity and unnecessary confusion.

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