Is there a way to make all the obs in a Project visible in grid view?


Selecting Overview and “View all” doesn’t make any difference. It has always been like this for me. I learned to use Searches and post links instead, but was never sure if I was doing something wrong, or it is meant to be like this?

UPDATE: And now it has corrected…all are showing (have to wait for some to appear and scroll down, but that’s ok, because it is clear that there are more to be seen). and now i remember, that is the behaviour I have always experienced - ie sometimes the scroll ends early, appearing to be complete, and sometimes the whole lot are visible.

You have to hit “Search” after clicking the “View All” button.

“View All” isn’t actually ‘View All’ it’s more like ‘View some of the more recent observations, and those out of order as well’.

This was the subject of a post a while back and a feature change request to make “View All” actually be ‘View All’, but the request was denied.

It’s one of those, “It’s a feature, not a bug” things.

It’s an open feature request:

Thanks bouteloua and earthknight. I voted for it, even though it sounnds like its a wasted vote.

I wouldn’t mind so much if the present situation didn’t mislead the viewer into thinking “that’s all there is”. Renaming “View all” would be sufficient to fix that.


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