PROJECT with USER FILTER not collecting all qualifying observations

PROJECT with USER FILTER (not joined) not collecting all qualifying observations.

Platform ALL so far, with certainty: iOS App, iOS Safari, Mac OSCatalina (Safari), Windows 10 (Chrome browser)

App version number, NA

Browser. See above: Chrome, Safari, App – all equally

URLs (aka web addresses) of any relevant observations or pages:

Screenshots of what you are seeing. Screenshots in narrative, below.

Description of problem A project was created with a list of users to include, limited to Family Poacea, and a geographic region. Some qualifying observations of some observers, and all observations of some other observers, do not appear in the project results. Recently the designated regions were expanded from the single region previously, and this added a dozen new observations, but none of the previously missing observations. The existing project shows 120 observations, but when viewed as “preview project” from settings, has over 300.


Step 1: View Grasses of WUI Project

Step 2: Find user “diaexplores” in the project. One method: Observeration count list.
Step 3: Note that DIAEXPLORES has one (1) observation. (Alternative verification, scroll at main project page and see “diaexplores” on the “user” list.

Step 4: Via the users observations of Poacea

7/10 of them are squarely in one or more of the regions specified.

Step 5: Explain why some of the Users observations, that appear to meet all criteria, are not displayed. :-)

Zooming on the map of places included in the project shows that the missing observations are just outside the boundary.