Projects within Umbrella Projects

Hopefully a simple question: I assume you can add projects you dont manage in your umbrella project? Can you do this without the other projects acquiesce? That is can you add other people’s projects to your umbrella project at will? If so, if a project does not want to be in your umbrella project can they remove their project for yours? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

You don’t need their approval to add, there’s a little opportunity where your project results in an umbrella project you don’t wanna be in, iNat has strict policy about shady things and if your project is in umbrella project it has no effect on your project (and it’s not written on your project’s page that it’s in umbrella one). Don’t think you can delete it from there (I can’t find it now checking mine) Writing to a curator of ubrella project to remove yours should help in most of situations or you could write to iNat help.

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Thanks! This is helpful.

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