Question about "section" in taxonomy

I made an observation of a shooting star that I doubt can be identified to species, but it is definitely in the genus Primula, and I tried to narrow it down by identifying it as section Dodecatheon to eliminate Primula species that are not shooting stars. Then someone identified it as Primula, disagreeing with section Dodecatheon, so I’m trying to figure out whether section Dodecatheon is obsolete and we shouldn’t use it. There is a taxon page for section Dodecatheon and an Explore search using that name brings up thousands of observations. However, on the Primula taxon page there is no section Dodecatheon (although there is another section listed).

I can’t speak to the status of the infrageneric taxonomy, but on iNaturalist P. sect. Dodecatheon falls within P. subg. Auriculastrum, which is why it doesn’t appear in the taxonomy tab of the genus Primula directly:

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I see that now. I also looked up the two possible species (P. hendersonii) and (P. clevelandii) and they both show section Dodecatheon. Thank you!

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