Quicker access to all my projects

I’d like Projects I’ve subscribed to to be accessible with one click, to a page collating them. Right now it’s one click to the projects page, and then another to manage projects, before you can see one not chosen for the drop down list.

If I understand your request, you can already do this!
If you hover over your profile, there will be a dropdown menu, and one of the options is “Projects”

If you click on that, it will bring you to the “Your Projects” page, which will show all of the projects that you have joined.
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The trouble is they come up in one list, 2 or 3 pages long in my case, and not in any order…well maybe the order they were created in. But it is too slow to use as a way of quickly referencing a Project.

I use bookmarking for Umbrella Projects I’m currently using a lot, (though if they have a lot of Projects its a bit tedious to find the one you want in the Umbrella Project) and , thanks to advice from tiwane, I now use the Global Search button at the very top of the page. I didn’t know how to use that at first, because it doesn’t open the Project/Place you select, but all Observations from that Project/Place. However tiwane has explained that you search, then go to the bottom of the results, click “View All” then choose Projects (or Places, or whatever) from the resulting menu.

Then a list of Projects comes up that includes the one you searched for. Unfortunately it also includes other similar names, so you can get several pages of results there too, but it is a reliable way of finding a Project.

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Using Global search is a great tips to get to project !

This functionality is actually already exactly what I want. Thanks.

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