Remove an establishment means?

Maybe I am missing it, or maybe this should go in under a Bug Report, but is there a way to remove an entry under the Establishment means on a checklist ?

Clearly you can reset it to a new value, but can you remove the entry entirely ?

Use case - I added the endemic label for the Crete checklist on this species

Doing so cascaded upwards and set it for the Greece checklist, which I suppose is OK, but also the Europe checklist which seems kind of pointless, even if it is technically correct. I know the concept of adding endemic flags at the continent level has been discussed previously, and is generally frowned upon.

But I see no way to remove the label from the Europe checklist. I can set it to a new value, but not remove it or return it to blank.

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I don’t remember which species it was at the moment, but I noticed something similar with one of my observations in South Korea that was marked ‘Endemic to Asia’. As you said, it is technically correct but I did - and still do - wonder how helpful that information is given the size of the continent.

It looks like changing the status to “unknown” removes it from the checklist. This is essentially “blank” because that’s the default value for the field.

“Native” would also be an appropriate selection in this case.

If this doesn’t have the desired effect, please let me know.

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