Remove/Move "Blog widget" from dashboard

Not sure where this type of topic would fit. What do you think about removing the blog widget “box” from the sidebar on the dashboard? Or at least moving it to the very bottom of the sidebar, for the benefit of curators?

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it took me a while to realize what you were talking about because i just mentally totally blank that thing out, never ever click on it or look at it. So yeah getting rid of it seems like a good idea

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I’d be down for it. I’m not even sure how functional it is now.

As for categorization, I think it fits either here or Feature Requests.

Looks like y’all moved it down the page. Thank you!

I have a blog, but wouldn’t / don’t use the widget. Slows down the loading of my blog. If I want readers to come to my iNat obs I build a link into the natural language of my text.

Does anyone use that widget?

that widget sure is showing its age. it might be fun to have a contest to let school kids and adults burning off vacation days to do something over the winter* break (* at least in the northern hemisphere). build a new version of an embeddable observation, photo, and / or map widget. first prize gets, say, an iNat hat (or T-shirt). i wonder how many people might be interested in that kind of challenge?

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