Require flag resolutions to contain text

Platform(s), such as mobile, website, API, other: Website

URLs (aka web addresses) of any pages, if relevant: none relevant

Description of need: There are 2 problems caused by flags that are resolved without explanation. Problem one: as a curator I sometimes will look at past flags on a user to see if an issue I am dealing with is new or has a history, and flags that are resolved with no reason given make it more difficult for curators to assess what happened in past situations with the user. Unexplained resolutions may also confuse the flagger or flaggee.

Problem two: I have seen multiple cases where allegations of unfair treatment arise from unexplained flag resolutions, this perception of unfair treatment can contribute to conflict escalation and reduce trust in curator and staff decisions. When a flag is resolved without explanation and no moderator action is taken, the flaggee may think that the resolver is biased against them, and is trying not to admit that the flagged content was not inappropriate, while the flagger may think that the resolver is biased against them and is trying not to admit that the flagged content is problematic. I have also seen a claim from a user that the total number of flags on their moderation history was used against them. I do not know if this is true, but I think the less unclear flag resolutions there are the less likely people are to feel a need to simply count flags against a user rather than looking at resolution reasons

Feature request details: Currently curators are required to type something in as a reason when they hide a comment, and if no reason is typed the comment will not hide. I am proposing that this also be made the case for flag resolutions, that the resolving curator should have to type something into the flag resolution in order to resolve the flag, currently the resolve button can be clicked without typing a resolution reason

I support this idea, and, if it is implemented, I’d also like an easier way to see the text that resolvers enter in the resolution field. Anything longer than 25-30ish characters in the field is currently not visible on the flag itself, which can make assessing difficult. If more text submissions are required, this issue might become more prevalent.


I support this good idea, and would suggest extending it to the initial act of flagging too.

Sometimes things are flagged for no clearly stated reason, leaving one to infer the problem and resolve (or not) on the basis of the inference. Why inappropriate, for example: it’s not always self-evident.


I was actually planning to make that another feature request

Me too, there are a number of “inaproppriate” flags where it is unclear what the flagger thinks is inappropriate

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If we flag, only Other offers a text box?

That is correct, however this feature request is about the text curators type in the resolution box when resolving a flag, all flags have a resolution box for curators


that is what I was responding too.
We don’t have the option to tell you.

A user can leave a comment on the flag after they make it to explain, which many users do (though many also do not). This is an approach used on all kinds of flags (including taxon curation, etc).

But I think the original purpose of the request is specifically around curators resolving flags. If people want some change to the flag creation process to allow more detail, then that could be an additional request.


Yeah, making that bigger would be nice. One current workaround is to select all the text and paste it somewhere, which isn’t great.