Restricting a new collection project to only members of another project

Hi! This is my first forum post! :)

I’m making a new collection project, and it would be ideal to limit membership to only those people who are members of a separate project – without individually adding all their names to the “Users” field of the Inclusion criteria section. I tried adding the project name to that field but it didn’t take. Is there a way to do this?

When I look at the Project Requirements list, it lists Users (“Any”) and Projects (“Any”) but I could find no way to actually indicate that I do want to include certain projects.


Any ideas?

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i don’t believe this is possible in the current system. i don’t think it’s possible to add a list of users in one batch to the project criteria either. i think the way to do this without having to do it all yourself is to set up the new project(s) to include only project members, and then ask the members of the other project to join the new project(s).

i do think it would be useful to be able to set up groups of people so that you could filter that group (in project settings and also as a general filter), but i think that would complicate the way project trust works.

if you don’t really need the project structure, you could set up a project that includes a set of people, and then just filter using that project. so for example, for birds seen by the group, you could filter in the Explore page for taxon_id=3&project_id=your-project; and then for snakes seen by the group you could filter for taxon_id=85553&project_id=your-project. then save / bookmark those Explore URLs somewhere so that you can easily reference them when you need them.

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Thanks! I was hoping that I was simply missing something on the project settings page, but it looks like not. I think the best route for me for this situation is the first option, of making the new project members-only and then asking the existing project members to join.

We could go with your third suggestion of not making a new project at all and just filtering observations by members of the existing group… but the marketing has already gone out, so the new project is definitely happening and I’ve just got to figure it out haha.

Thanks for the quick reply!


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