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When you have been looking at forum posts, is there a quicker way to return to identifications than clicking several times on the return arrow top left, please?

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  1. the quickest thing is to create a “favorite” in your browser that takes you directly to the Identify page.
  2. if you’re clicking several times on the on the back arrow in your browser, you can accomplish the same thing in most browsers by clicking the back arrow and holding until a menu appears. that will contain a list of the most recently visited previous pages, an you can select exactly the one you want to go to from there.
  3. if you scroll to the the bottom of the page from any discussion thread, you should see some links. one of them will take you to, and then from there, you can click on Identify. (you could also just type in the URL box in your browser instead of looking for the link at the bottom of a forum page.)

Thanks for this. I don’t know how to do 1 but 2 and 3 work fine.

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