Revert Upload Button

On the web, possibly others, the new graphic upload arrow button is significantly less clear and obvious than the old “Upload” button that spelled it out. It took me an embarassingly long time to figure out where my upload button had gone.

Icons are not normally a usability improvement outside of a few very well known cases. Upload is not one of them. Please revert this change.

What’s the change you’re seeing?

I don’t see any noticeable difference on the web format, at least on Chrome.

Mine both says “Upload” and has a small arrow next to the text. The text is more obvious than the arrow, and the button is a different color than anything nearby.

Can you post an image of what you’re seeing?

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Upload button still has text on it on the website.

hi @elharo - are you using a smaller than typical screen size? At small screen widths the Upload button turns into an icon. It has worked this way since the top menu was redesigned.

There is also a text option available in the top right menu, though I might argue it should be “Upload Observations” or otherwise match the wording on the button in each language…


That does seem to be it. That said, my screen width isn’t especially narrow.