Salvia species under Willow (Salix) observations for Peru

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Step 1: Access Observations panel

Step 2: Set Species filter to Salix

Step 3: Set regional filter to Peru

Besides the 2 actual Salix species, a random Salvia species also appears in the results. I checked the Salvia observations for Peru, and that same species does appear there, but with 29 observations, instead of 21 in the Salix results!

Seems like an indexing issue where the problem species need to be inactivated/reactivated. Presumably a weird vestige of a previous ancestry or taxon change.


checking the history for Salvia sagittata, it looks like when it was being moved from genus to section last May, it was accidentally grafted to Salix sect. Hastatae briefly before being regrafted to Salvia sect. Hastatae less than a minute later


92 observations are affected
Reindexing the observations fixes the problem. I think the staff have a way to force them all to reindex or someone can go through and manually make them reindex (for example by voting it captive, waiting for it to sync, then removing the vote as captive).

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I’ve gone through and manually reindexed the observations.