Scheduled Maintenance Begins in About Ten Hours

Just a reminder that iNaturalist will be down for scheduled maintenance today from 8pm - 9pm PDT. You can see this in your local time here.




OK, we’re back up. I’m going t leave this open for another day or so in case there are any glitches to report. Thanks for your patience!


Maybe this is connnected to the update, and it affects both website and app:

My dashboard timeline apparently does not update - the latest activity (someone added an ID to my observation) is from 4 hours ago.
(Update: even when I use different browsers {Firefox, Safari}, the issue pertains)

Meanwhile, I have 23 unread notifications:

Whenever I have a two-digit notification number, I switch to the android app, because there I can go through them one by one. However, there is not a single update showing up under the activity tab. I even logged out and back in - still nothing.

And this is already the second round that this happend. Some two hours or so ago, my dashboard looked identical to now, and I had >10 new notifications.
I opened them one by one in new tabs, and these were partially agreements to observations of mine, which both should have been shown on the dashboard as well as in the activity app on my phone.

Hope I could make the issue clear.


I did notice some slowness on my dashboard’s newsfeed right after the site went back online but then I was out in the field and offline for the next few days. It seems to be working OK now.

I haven’t noticed any notifications issues. Are those still occuring for you?

No, all fine so far. Thanks!

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