Very specific filter request

I know this is sort of out of the exact purpose for this but I have a request to help me tailor a filter I need for our revision of Okanagana cicadas. Unfortunately it’s outside my level of proficiency.

I need to be able to make a call that will provide me with the following groups filtered at once:

Okanagana, Tibicinoides (for these both the genus-level and all species), and the Complex Okanagana vanduzeei-utahensis

They simply need to be reviewed, I don’t care if they are RG. I say this because over the years all 5000+ observations have been reviewed by me or my colleagues so we are OK with whether or not the poster confirmed it.

I also need to be able to download something like a .csv with all associated data, especially the names and the lat/lon.

I am not sure how to do any part of this. @tiwane can probably set it up easily I am sure though as can others who are more proficient.

As an aside, it would be useful to know what observations I’ve made ID’s on that are now “Maverick” so I can deal with them and not get in the way. I know that piece of code exists.

Thanks everyone. We are getting so close to publication!!


To clarify, do you want all records under Okanagana, or just at a genus level? Because if the former, then you don’t need to request records of Complex Okanagana vanduzeei-utahensis as well because they’ll already be returned within the search for the genus


All records under and including the genus-level ID’s, thanks!

please correct me if I’ve misinterpreted your request, but effectively what you’re asking for is just all records of those two genera in the one search? If yes, then this is the URL:,322144

and if that’s what you wanted, you can download your CSV from here:

just enter 176578,322144 into this box:


here are observations where you have made an ID, and your ID is a maverick one:
(again please clarify if this is not what you were looking for)


No, that’s pretty much it. It sounded way more complicated in my head…



From your message to me I thought you wanted to export observations where your IDs matched those taxa.

So the URL above wouldn’t return observations like this:


This URL returns all observations like those 4 (ID’d by someone as either genus AND not currently community ID’d to any genus AND ID’d by @willc-t or easmeds):,322144&ident_user_id=willc-t,easmeds&lrank=subtribe&place_id=any

It returns 458 observations, but unfortunately they do also include observations where the reverse happens, i.e. a different user ID’d it as either genus and @willc-t or easmeds corrected them, it looks like most often to genus platypedia. I don’t know of away to distinguish those scenarios with a filter, you might just have to handle those 458 manually (the simplest manual way I can think of that might take an hour or so would be to manually add some specific observation field to all of the observations returned by that search filter that you do want to keep, and then search by that observation field)

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Thanks everyone! I appreciate your help!

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