Seek page not translatable

Is it possible to implement this webpage to be translatable on Crowdin?

Not in its current form, but we could transition it to a static page that curators can’t edit but that is translatable. We recently did this for the network page. I’ll add this to a list of pages that probably should not be wiki pages anymore.


Good idea. I saw translated help files in spanish in blog posts. It might be a good idea to make them translatable too. I did it in a feature request but I am not sure I saved it cause it is lost.
==>staff is working on ideas how to improve help files and make them translatable, so feature request is not approved.

Any progress on this request?
Would like to link to this page in a local language, and I think its content won’t change a lot - so should be easy to translate

Thanks for following up on this and reminding me @carnifex. One tricky thing is that it’s hard to translate the images and videos on this page. In the shorter term, would it serve your purpose if the image still contained English text but the text content of the page was translated?

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Oh, of course, that should be no problem:
To me, leaving the images in English is totally fine, not everything has to be perfect :)


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