Seek's Fish species badge graphic doesn't seem to line up with Seek's definition of "Fish"

I’m not a Seek user, but I was looking at these “Seek species badge” stickers in the iNat Store (, and I noticed that the Fish species badge graphic depicts Manta Ray. A Manta Ray is definitely a fish, but I knew that in iNaturalist, “Fish” are usually defined specifically as Ray-finned Fish. So that got me curious to see if Seek was using a more comprehensive definition of Fish. So I downloaded the app and poked around a bit…

As far as I can tell, Seek also defines “Fish” as Ray-finned Fish. I took a photo of a Manta Ray, and it put the Manta Ray under “Other Species” in My Observations, and I did not get a Fish species badge. Then I took a photo of a Clark’s Anemonefish, and that was classified under Fish and resulted in a bronze Fish badge. Just to make sure I wasn’t doing something wrong, I took a photo of a Fox Squirrel, and it was classified as Mammal and resulted in a Mammal badge.

Anyway, I just thought it was inconsistent that observing a Ray in Seek would not give me the badge that depicts a Ray.


I feel deeply sorry you did not get a fish badge after adding a photo pf Manta Ray…


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