Server Slow? Or my system?

I’m doing some ID and welcoming/educating newcomers, and for the last hour or so, responses from the system have been as long as 20 seconds. Is the system groaning under the weight of all these new users and observations? It may, of course, be my provider - nothing like throttling to kill performance :-/

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No, I am certainly getting well below normal performance today as well, and being in different nations, we certainly will have differnt internet providers.

I hope it will be OK on the weekend - nothing like slow performance to frustrate new users :-(

I found it to be slow as well, but it seems to be better now…

Now it’s telling me it’s failing to save and to try again later.

Last year (based on @bouteloua 's graph, there was a 6-fold increase in observations during the bioblitz - from around 100K to 600K. We’re already at 400K by her graph - while we may not get to 2.4M obs, I’m concerned about server bandwidth :-/ Wish I could help…


yeah, i am hoping iNat has taken this into account knowing such a surge is coming! However, they may not be bringing additional servers online yet? I’m not entirely sure how that works

Thanks, folks. I can assure you we’re working on scaling up right now to handle the extra CNC traffic, but it’s a work in progress.


I’m umphing for you :+1::grin:

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