Several wrong boundaries and names in a state of Brazil

I went into project page about a metropolitan area around Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil) and note some weird boundaries, then went to investigate. I found several things wrong with Standard Places:

  1. The city of “Porto Alegre” includes the city of “São José do Norte” and some random islands/tips between the two places. If I search up “São José do Norte”, it gives me a square around the urban centre of the city. I don’t think the islands are of much problem.
  2. The cities of “Estância Velha” and “Estância” are switched up.
  3. The city of “Capão da Canoa” is listed as “Capão do Leão”.
  4. The city of “Capão do Leão” is listed/divided as “Capivari do Sul” and “Capitão”, they should be merged and renamed.
  5. The city of “Terra de Areia” is including its neighbour “Itati” that should be a separate city. It also should be merged with "Capela de “Santana”, which is misnamed and is part of the city.
  6. There’s a ‘ghost city’ named “Capão da Canoa” that includes “Capivari do Sul”, “Capela de Santana” e “Capitão”. Neither of them have correct standard places, searching them only gives a square similar to item 1.

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