"Sex" annotation translated to "Gender" (Género) in Mexican Spanish

In the web version of iNaturalist, the Mexican Spanish translation of “sex” (which originally was correctly translated as “sexo”) now reads “género” (gender). This is not only incorrect in the case of living species other than humans, but it can also cause confusion, since the word “género” can also mean “genus” in Spanish.

I’ve noticed that this is only happening in the Mexican Spanish translation and not in the Spanish or Argentinian Spanish translations (see image below).

I don’t know if this is also the case for the mobile versions. Can this be corrected?


Sure. You can even correct it by yourself (although it still requires approval after that) https://crowdin.com/translate/inaturalistweb/38/en-esmx?filter=basic&value=0

Unless you don’t have an account on Crowdin and don’t want to create one, I can do that for you.

There seem to be three more phrases containing “sex” translated as “género":

  • Add Annotations for “Sex” - Agrega anotaciones para “Género”
  • Add “Sex: Female” annotation - Añade anotación “género: femenino”
  • Add “Sex: Male” annotation - Añade anotación “Género: masculino”
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If it’s of any help, I just posted a translating tutorial that I’ve been working on: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/introduction-to-translating-with-crowdin/23890

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If you could do that, it would be great! I’m afraid I don’t really understand Crowdin and don’t have much free time to learn at the moment. It would also be better if in all phrases the instances of “género” were changed to “sexo”, so it would be less confusing.

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