Slideshow of observations as a memory aid

I would like to create a slideshow of my observations, labelled with the scientific name, to use as a memory/learning aid.
I use Lightroom CC. As species are identified, I keyword them within Lightroom in a taxanomical hierarchy. I have already asked in Lightroom forums about automatically applying just the lowest level taxa keyword and removing the rest on export, but have yet to find a simple solution.
Is it possible to export the iNaturalist icons (observation photo/label) or bulk download them from a page?
Any other ideas on how to do this efficiently would be appreciated. I have around 700 moths that I’d like to be able to name on sight by next summer.


maybe something like (just make sure to look at the usage notes on the base page )

this is possible, too. see

EDIT: there are also a couple more things described in this thread which might be relevant:


What about something basic like Power Point?

I do have access to Power Point.
My issue is getting the name of the creature over-layed onto the photo without having to do so manually for hundreds of species.
Lightroom has export capabilities that some devs expand on for specific uses. I’m hoping to automate the process, somehow.


Step 1: In Photoshop, make an action that will create a white strip at the bottom (Image > canvas size) of your photo and then will put the file name (or whatever field has your moth ID) into the strip and will save the result. (You can find free actions that will do this. They are usually called frame or framing actions.Just tweak them for your use.) Doing it this way will make the name more visible than putting it on top of the photo.

Step 2: Then put all your images into one folder and run the Batch process using that action on every photo in that folder:

  1. Choose File > Automate > Batch.
  2. At the top of the dialog that pops up, select your “Framing” Action from the list of available Actions.
  3. In the section below that, set the Source to “Folder.” Click “Choose”, and select your folder that contains the moth images you want to process.

Another possibility is LR/Mogrify 2, a plug-in for Lightroom. I don’t know anything about it since I don’t use Lightroom, but it sounds like it will automate what you want to do.

Thank you for your reply. I don’t have Photoshop, though.

I’ll check it out. Thanks

It seems like the code that @pisum whipped up comes pretty close to what you’re looking for. Did you give it a try at ? What did you think?

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I did look at it and it works well! Thank you @pisum
However, I was hoping to create the slideshow within Lightroom, since I live in an area with frequent internet & electricity outages.
I’d also like to sort the show by taxa, to help me mentally group families, etc.

I don’t use Lightroom, but I do use Adobe Bridge to manage my digital assets. It’s very easy to create a slideshow in Bridge. Select the photos, select a few Slideshow Options and then View the Slideshow. You can control the metadata shown on the slides through Preferences. Not sure that helps, but Lightroom probably has more robust Slideshow functionality than Bridge.

Also, on a side note, I use Collections rather than Keywords to manage higher level taxa. I just add species to the metadata and then let Smart Collections group the photos into the appropriate taxa.

I use smart collections to sort by taxa as well, very helpful! Keywording has helped me learn as I go.
I’m sorry I don’t have Bridge.
The Lightroom forum gurus did not come up with anything affordable, the main problem being to strip out all but the lowest taxa keyword. Lightroom keywording is not particularly robust.

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