Some taxon names altered when I export data

Platform Website

Browser Firefox

Description of problem
When I export “Noctuidae” from “Europe” into a CSV file, I get the following taxon names changed:

Hadena clara → Clara
Noctua janthe - janthina → Janthe - janthina

Looking at the taxon pages, nothing seems wrong there. Why is that?

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Maybe you could clarify in which field this occurs, there are several fields in the export that could contain a taxon name.

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Try the example “Noctua janthe - janthina”

it’s also funny that if you search and start typing “Noctua ja…” the complex isn’t on the suggestions list, but if you start typing “janth…” it comes up immediately!

If you take a look at the taxonomy section of these examples there only seems to be one name filled in (scientific name), the one that you get in the export

Not sure why the one that is displayed on the site is not present in the list.

It could be that the ‘display name’ for complexes is somehow autogenerated using ‘parent name’ & “complex” & ‘scientific name’.

Maybe someone that is more familiar with the taxonomy aspects of iNaturalist can tell you more about this.

fixed it. Problem solved, thanks

this can be closed, right? it looks like there wasn’t a bug exactly. fixing the names setup fixed the problem, right?