Sort observations by DOY

Platform(s): any/all but especially desktop browser

Description of need:
When I try to get a sense of the phenology of a species, in general or in a specific area, I use the Explore tool to go month by month to find the earliest and latest observations. Within that filter, however, the observations can only be arranged by date. There is no way to see them ordered by day regardless of year.

Feature request details:
I know that the Explore tool is no longer under construction, but the same filter set applies to the Identify tool, or perhaps in whatever the successor to Explore ends up being, it would be nice to have a “DOY Observed” option in the Sort By menu that ordered observations by day of year (doy) rather than absolute date. That way you could apply all the other filters you were interested in and then see the earliest/latest observations phenologically that matched those criteria. Right now, the only way to order observations this way is to use an exact date range and go one year at a time, which is inconvenient.

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Great idea!