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Recently I spent a day in the Mojave Desert of California, USA. It was very convenient to see the total observations for the day, the number of unique species, etc. What I would like to extract is the number of “life species”, particularly “life plants”. Is this a statistic that is extractable?

If all you want is the number of them, it’s possible – on the page “Your Observations” you can filter for a date range. If you set the end date as the day before the one you’re interested in, then you’ll get the total number up to that point. Then, if you change the end date to the day in question, you’ll get the new total – the difference between them is what you’re looking for. You can also filter the taxonomic group, so just put plants in the species slot.


On your Calendar page, it will also show your “Lifers” for a particular date.


That does work, but you have to work through some taxonomic litter – if you see a species in, say, a family you’ve never observed, it’ll list the family, the genus, and the species as 3 separate lifers.

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And this used to confuse the hxll out of me :-)

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Thank you all for the feedback, I was already aware of filtering by date, etc. The calendar page I had never used before! 67 lifers for the day in question, and yes, I do notice all the different taxanomic levels added in there as well. No way to filter out everything but species it would appear.

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