Strange taxa display in Identify modal

not sure what is up with “Take off the” as a taxa name! When I view the observatioin page or the taxa name tab it looks fine, but in this Identify page it does not.

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The observation, if it helps:

At some point you must have asked to translate to English – and that’s I guess how it thought the Latin name should be translated. If you ask to translate again, there should be an option to show original.

It’s been at least a month since I last used in-browser translation (before CNC), but it might be possible it was activated accidentally. It coincided with some other weirdness, too, so I wonder if it was just a glitchy bug in the browser that rectified after a restart…

I notice the “Lepas” part would translate to remove in google translate service, and in the identify modal it also put the species part at the end of the vernacular, which is weird behaviour even if it was a browser translation thing!