Taxon swap inactivated input taxon without transferring IDs

For whatever reason this taxon swap just didn’t go through:

The input taxon was inactivated, but none of the IDs changed. I tried to commit again but got an error. It would be good to activate the input taxon for now, but I’ll leave it as to see if that helps with troubleshooting.

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That is not committing because Lindapecten muscosus in inactive and its parent Lindapecten is also inactive. The change is trying to activate Lindapecten muscosus but an active taxon can’t have inactive parents

You can address this by first activating Lindapecten and then committing the swap

But yes, we need to build a better error message to alert folks why the commit isn’t working in those situations… sorry about that



The input taxon also shouldn’t be inactivated in that case.