Telmatobius Talk!

This is an area to talk about the incredible species from the genus Telmatobius! Feel free to talk about any member of the genus or ask questions.

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The Titicaca Water Frog (T. culeus) is one of my favorite Telmatobius species as well as probably the most well known. It’s such a strange frog, being completely aquatic and having the lowest recorded metabolic rate of any frog, as well as being so odd-looking.

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The Denver Zoo managing to breed them is great news for the genus because it proves that it can be done in captivity. I believe that exporting animals to laboratories and hobbyists can help conserve them and find out more information about them. Not only are they fully aquatic and cold tolerant like xenopus, their behavior is quite similar too. Judging from how many they got from just one mating, they’ll eventually overflow and have no choice but to let us keep them too

The Denver Zoo also has a great program for the Lake Junin frog (Telmatobius macrostomus), another really interesting species.

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