The Best Animal in My Area- You Choose!

What is the best group of animals in the Southern Ontario area? If you are not from the area, you can still vote for your preferred group! I did this because I was curious to see what animal is the most beloved in my local community! Please note this is for mammals only.

  • Rodents: (Rabbits/Moles/Voles/Shrews/Groundhogs/Beavers/Squirrels/Mice/Rats/Lemmings/Porcupines)
  • Even-Toed Ungulates: (Deer/Wild Boar)
  • Marsupials: (Oppossums)
  • Canines: (Coyotes/Foxes)
  • Felines: (Stray Cats)
  • Mephitidae: (Skunks)
  • Mustelids: (Mink/Stoat/Badgers/Otters)
  • Procyonidae: (Raccoons)
  • Chiroptera: (Bats)

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I honestly love them all, but If had to chose I would say rodents or bats.

BTW I don’t live in Canada but I voted anyway.

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Why only stray cats in the felines section? You have lynx (Lynx Canadensis), bobcats (Lynx rufus), and cougars (Puma concolor), rarely for the latter, there too.

None of them are common in southern Ontario, but they are occasionally spotted.

Personally, I’m a big fan of Mustelids, but you can’t really pick just one group.


Oh yeah, mustelids are also a fascinating group.

I’m not from your area, but I voted for mustilids because they are so cute.

Rabbits are not rodents; they are lagomorphs.

PS Didn’t notice earlier that you had moles on there too. They aren’t rodents either.


Moles and voles as rodents


No question, my vote goes to the Fisher. I lived in Southern Ontario for many years, and I only managed to spot a Fisher there once. It was a heart-stopping moment: I nearly tripped over the critter as it bolted across a remote trail in the Ottawa Valley. The animal was an explosion of teeth and claws. Unforgettable.

I’ve been fortunate to see more Fishers since I moved to the Northwest, most recently:


Welcome to the Forum! I missed that the first time around. Perhaps ‘small brown annoying things’.
I voted for bats - fascinating things. I used to get them in my house when I lived in Penetanguishene. Always put them back outside.

Moles aren’t.

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And checking again, shrews aren’t rodents either!!!

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In deep southern Ontario, there are no cougars and bobcats. Even in the northern parts of southern Ontario, they are extremely rare, and only a bobcat or two makes an appearance every few years by chance. There have not been any confirmed cougar sightings though.

Oops! Thanks for pointing that out! I tried to correct it, but unfortunately, I can’t change a poll after five minutes!


I didn’t notice shrews were on the list. The lack of spaces between words is throwing me off.

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No bobcats? That sucks. I have seen them on my trailcam but i would love to see one in person too. I live in east Texas.

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There are reported observations of bobcats outside of Kingston, Sudbury, and all the way down by Sarnia (just about as far south as you can get in Ontario).

Not common, but they’re definitely there.

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I live in NE Oklahoma. I’ve had one (bobcat) on the trail cam and right by my deck in the back yard. Got several still shots of him near my deck.


Video from my trail cam of a bobcat

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